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BA Thesis Project

Center for water pollution

Malmö, Sweden

Refraction aims to create a new type of naturrum. The centre will educate its visitors about the surrounding nature reserve and mainly its connections to water. In addition to this Refraction will be a place for learning about and address effects of water pollution, both in freshwater and the massive marine pollution. Water will be present in all parts of the building, so the visitor will be reminded of the purpose of the building even when not visiting the exhibitions. 

The Concept

The main concept for Refraction has been to connect land and water, the building is a part of a path which connects two levels of the quarry. The ribbons open towards the quarry and offers the visitor a magnificent view of the surrounding nature, and the colour of the patinated copper reflects the light which enters the building and gives the interior a blue shimmer. The inspiration for this choice of material was how polluted rain affects the limestone in the quarry. As copper also responds to the pollution of the surrounding atmosphere. 

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